Monday, 26 March 2012

I want to jump in my car

The sun has still not stopped shinning since my last blog. I even went mad and did some gardening. That is almost as rare Sunderland getting to Wembley. No we have not got there yet but cup fever has definitely broken out. Before cup talk, back to Saturday. Just as a complete aside, just popped out into the garden to look at the Moon and Jupiter and got dive bombed by bats.

I had forecast a 3-0 win on Saturday and QPR had to spoil it and score. Besides that, it was definitely a "Party with Marty" day. We had Sess back and what a difference he made, he makes the midfield click. Sess was the missing link in our last few games. I do hope that we can keep him but I can see problems. He is unhappy because his family won't move from Paris. Who would want to live in England & have their family in Paris. If he can sort out his family problems, won't a Champions League team want him? Going back to France could solve both of his of problems. I would say without Europe we don't stand a chance of keeping Sess but is the Europa Cup enough? For us yes but for Sess?

The surprise of the team was no Larsson, it seems MON thought he needed a rest. It is true he has not been as effective as of late, to be honest his corners have been rubbish. Lets hope that a rest has put him back on form. The other change was O'Shea for Bardsley, who had a bug as well as bruised ribs. Shame that O'Shea had a injury too. That we had to play him shows that we have a lack of depth in certain areas.

In comparison to the Blackburn game the whole team seemed to be up for it. Bridge seems to be improving, to judge him just now seems to be unfair. He has not played regularly for a season or two and to come back from that lay off takes a little time. I come back to the point I made before and I think Saturday confirmed it, I do think Vaughan is more effective than Gardener and the stats provided by RokerReport. One of the things that I liked about Saturday was that 3 different players scored the goals. This can also been seen as a negative, in that we don't have a proven striker. Until we do, I am will be pleased that we have a number of players who will score unlike last seasons when no one could.

I think it was a toss up as to who was my MOM. I voted for Colback but could of easily picked McClean. McClean had a hand in all 3 goals and gave Young a hard game. Martin has brought in Steve Guppy to coach McClean and i think you can see the difference. Variations are coming into his game and confidence.  Why I choose Colback was that he seemed to be at the heart of a lot of things. Yes, he missed a couple of chances but he was there and prepared to have a go. Colback is still young but has come on leaps and bounds this season. He is a good midfielder, breaks up play and knows where to pass. He is also not afraid to defend. 

Tomorrow night should be one of the best nights at SOL for a few seasons. It is either a sellout or very close to it. Everyone is up for it and so will the lads. As the title says, I just want to jump in my car and drive down and hope I can find a ticket. It is just the cost in petrol stopping me, got a bed with my sister in Berwick. I can see us doing it, currently I don't think we need to fear any team. If we do get to the semi's then on their current form Liverpool are there for the taking. As for the team, Mig, Bardsley (fit again), Kyrgiakos, Turner, Bridge in defence. Midfield is more awkward, Catts is back and I am not keen on both him & Colback playing together, too similar. It will be a shame but I think that Catts will play as MON will go for experience in this game. So I would have a midfield of Larsson, Catts, Vaughan & McClean, leaving a front 2 of Sess & Bendtner. I can also see Colback playing for Bendtner, leaving Sess on his own.

My big fear is our old adversary, Cahill, he loves scoring against us. That is why I think they will score and odds are it will be Cahill. I can't see us losing so I will go for 2-1.

What does this all mean then

We're on our way to Wembley

the Lads

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