Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Wednesday, The lads must be playing again

One game ends and another is just around the corner. Wednesday, FA Cup reply, bet the lads would be wanting a quieter time this week, after Saturday's hard game. The weather forecast looks better, no snow but cold. On Saturday as everyone was complaining about the snow, I looked out of my window and we had none, Cairngorms had none, Stoke supposedly lots (well that's what people were saying but pre game pics did not show it), very strange.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

A Snowy Weekend Away

Sat here on a Friday night and what am I doing? Well, talking to you and thinking about the lads. I am writing this so late as we are having so many games. What is it like for the players? I hope there is going to be a match, there is heavy snow forecast starting around 3pm in Stoke. The game may start but will it end? Anyone know when was the last time one of our game's started but did not finish? They should play the game here, no snow and none forecast.