Friday, 13 April 2012

April Showers

I am sat here in Caithness with the sun streaming through the window. What a beautiful day it looks but looks can be deceptive. I have just come back from walking the dog and boy do you have to wrap up well, the wind is icy and in the wind is rain or at times hailstones. Martin maybe with us now, as the sun is but he was very little to work with & summer still seems a long way off, as last Saturday proved.

I take last weekend as one of the hail storms we are getting, nasty but what do you expect in April! Everton is our boggy team. When have we had a good result at Goodison? When have we had horrendous results there, seems forever !!!!! Yes we were all hoping that this time it would be different. That is what we do, we are Sunderland, for many years all we have had is hope. Our back line has been shot to pieces with injuries, we have no striker apart from Bendtner, one creative player and a lot of tired players. Oh and yes Martin is not god, hold the back pages, he makes mistakes. A certain Scottish manager did not have such a good result this week, he does not always get it right but he looks odds on to win the premiership for the umpteenth time. The sign of a good manager is to make fewer wrong decisions than right ones and to maybe learn from the wrong ones.

Sess on his own never seems to work, I think Bendtner was injured. Maybe MON is not too keen on Ji or Wickham and so was hoping for a draw or maybe a 1-0 win on the break. Is Campbell injured as he was not on the bench? We missed Bendtner holding up the ball as was shown by our lack of being able to kept possession. As soon as we got the ball we just gave it away again. Was it a risk to far to play Bardsley & Catts, both with injuries. This meant that we had to use 2 of our subs to replace them. With Bardsley out, we don't have another right back, Gardner would of had to of filled in there. I would like to see Meyler or Colback replacing Catts in midfield. Why risk him with both of those players who can replace him. League places mean money to the club but we are safe from relegation. Is it not better to get him fit in time for pre-season training instead of maybe aggravating his injury.

The whole team looked jaded, maybe too many games over Easter. Maybe the the initial zing that MON put into them has faded as there is nothing to play for now apart from points. Players do start to think about holidays around now if they are mid table, despite what they say to the media. Also, remember Martin has got them to play above most of their ability, that can't last for ever. We have a squad made up of very mediocre players. Sess is our only creative player. McClean is still raw but improving. Colback is another raising star but were, LB or midfield? I think midfield but time and Martin will tell. His passing stats, I think are the best in the club. Catts, if he can be kept under control, which he has shown signs that he can, if worth keeping. Who else? Turner & Kilgallon are forming a good partnership but are they class? Brown & O'Shea at time have flattered to deceive.  Has Richardson ever achieved his full potential and if now at his age will he ever. Wickham & Ji still need another season to mature. There is a lot of work for the summer, not sure if Martin will have time for his media work at Euro 2012 or maybe the BBC can pay for his scouting expenses there.

Wolves again will not be an easy team to beat. They have proved to be hard to beat at times and they need to win more than we do. In theory we should beat them and beat them well but remember this is football and theory, etc don't always work out like that. This is the team I hope Martin plays Mig, Gardner, Kilgallon, Turner, Colback, Elmo, Meyler, Vaughan, McClean, Bendtner & Sess. Might seem odd having Elmo in instead of Larsson. I think Larsson has not been as effective as of late and Elmo played well during this week's international, helped to make Egypt's goal. A rest may help Larsson. What I expect the team to be though is Mig, Bardsley, Kilgallon, Turner, Colback, Larsson, Gardner, Catts, McClean, Bendtner & Sess. I do expect us to win and  if we turn up, win handsomely, could be 3-0. Lets hope so.

the Lads

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